Alaa Serry,
PhD, MBA, MEng, BEng

In January 1993, I founded P++

In an odyssey that took me more than three decades, I have developed a keen interest in systems and enterprise solutions performance.

Received my B.Eng. (CS major) in 1974 and my M.Eng. (CS major) in 1979 from Egyptian universities. In 1984, I earned my PhD from the computer science department, University of Toronto and in 1999 an Executive Global MBA from theRotman School of Management.

I have worked for and provided consulting services to organizations worldwide covering financial, government, health, and private sectors. I was privileged to be a PhD student of Prof. Ken Sevcik [1944-2005], a renowned scholar and a worldwide expert in computer systems performance who was instrumental in advancing the field over the years. Prof. Sevcik and I maintained contact and friendship for well over 25 years.

Dr. William R. Waters, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Finance at the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, has been my mentor for the last sixteen years. I am grateful to Dr. Waters for his insights, guidance, and support.

I am also blessed with two wonderful daughters who have become successful business ladies and a son attending University of Waterloo to become a commercial pilot.