About Us

Value Proposition

In collaboration with various stakeholders in your organization, P++ will help you manage end-to-end performance risks of your mission critical enterprise solutions by engineering performance into their life cycle through processes and modeling software.


P++ is a privately held Canadian company incorporated in January 1993. Over the last twenty years, P++ developed a methodology to model and predict end-to-end performance of complex enterprise solutions throughout their life cycles.

There are (and always have been) four myths causing poor performance of complex enterprise solutions. Our own experience has shown that these are just myths! It is regrettable that organizations usually seek help way too late into the solution life cycle where performance problems seem to be suddenly discovered!

At the core of our methodology is a process to abstract and model complex enterprise solutions. These models are constructed with the help of clients’ stakeholders: business executives, subject matter experts, IT department and in-house performance experts. video

6x4 Methodology

Is our simple and proven methodology that follows six steps: demystify the four performance myths, ask four questions, use four-step modeling process, consider four aspect of the enterprise solution, use just four performance object for modeling, and predict four performance metrics. Our methodology is at the core of our consulting services. more video

Consulting Services

Range from assessment/resolution of a specific performance issue of an enterprise solution all the way to helping organizations to engineer performance into their enterprise solutions’ life cycles. These services implement our 6x4 methodology and use our EPerfTool© products. We focus on financial institutions and large corporations.


Is a Windows 8.1 App that helps our users model, predict. and manage performance of complex enterprise solitions. The App has a flexible pricing model with a free trial period. more


We offer a one-day enterprise performance workshop more